1. I Found You

From the recordings The Waiting's Over and In Retrospect

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I Found You
by Marsha Stevens and John Stevens copyright 1999 Balm Publishing

I wrote my very first song thirty years ago this year
Seems like it was only yesterday
I thought I knew the life I’d live till Jesus came again
But many things have changed along the way,
I lost my job, I lost my home, I lost my ministry
And then I lost my loneliness when I discovered me

And I found you, I found you,
A family of choice and friendships that are true
I found you, I found you
God let me be a part of bringing Jesus to your heart
I left the past behind, but I found you

The church had many plans for me, they feel I let them down
They say that my heart has gone astray,
I think it went in search of Christ’s relentless love for me
A love no doubt can ever turn away,
So when the concert’s done, I can still look in your eyes
And say no matter what I’ve lost, I’ve found a greater prize,


And in those quiet moments when my faith seems to have flown
I hear one of your voices say, “You’re the one who led me home.”