1. Jesus Wept
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Jesus Wept – Marsha Stevens-Pino <br />
<br />
Wish I could sing in glowing terms of family that I had <br />
My mother led the choir the preacher was my Dad. <br />
But other people never saw what went on as I slept, <br />
And all I know for certain is, Jesus wept. <br />
<br />
Daddy was my Mama’s pastor when she was just thirteen. <br />
He was thirty-five and hid a rage that went unseen. <br />
He said the truth would kill her Mom and so the secret kept. <br />
She drank to hide the bitter lie and Jesus wept. <br />
CHORUS: <br />
Jesus wept, Jesus wept <br />
Wept for little girl’s lost childhoods and grown up men’s regrets, <br />
Wept for Mommy’s unbelieving and screams the church forgets, <br />
But long into the deepest night there was a vigil kept. <br />
Jesus saw and Jesus knew and Jesus wept. <br />
They say the Bible’s shortest verse is made of these two words (Jesus wept) <br />
It isn’t Jesus saves, or Jesus heals or Jesus heard, <br />
In tells me in this fallen world not all goes as God planned. <br />
It helps my broken heart to know Christ understands. <br />
<br />
So when at last I met You, God, I recognized Your face. <br />
You were the one who hid my childhood in a strong embrace. <br />
That spark that would not die was You, that strength to finally grieve, <br />
the faithfulness to feel the pain, yet still believe... <br />
(CHORUS) <br />