From the recording You Called Us Good

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The Miracle That&rsquo;s Needed &ndash; Chip Davis and Marsha Stevens-Pino <br />
<br />
Well I have heard of angels and how they earn their wings <br />
Of swinging on the clouds and playing harps and things <br />
And how they watch us through the day and hold us in the night <br />
Find homes for homeless children or in the dark bring light. <br />
On TV they hold trembling hands and dry a falling tear, <br />
It seems whoever needs one will always find one near. <br />
But what of days, days that end with no angel we can see, <br />
What if that hungry heart out there was waiting just for me? <br />
<br />
(Chorus) I can hold that hurting soul. I can dry a tear. <br />
I could be there in the night to pray away a fear. <br />
Should I wait for an angel to hear that stranger&rsquo;s plea? <br />
What if the miracle that&rsquo;s needed is Christ in me? <br />
<br />
I look all around me and see so much despair, <br />
A world of dying people. Does anybody care? <br />
Well, I know there are wonders, a parting of the sea, <br />
A vision of the Virgin (or &ldquo;a vision or a healing&rdquo;), a holy tapestry <br />
But oh it&rsquo;s hard to hear Good News with children to be fed <br />
When half the world goes hungry with no place to lay their head. <br />
And what of days, days that end with no miracle to see <br />
What if that hungry child out there is waiting just for me? <br />