From the recordings The Waiting's Over and In Retrospect

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Don’t Change Me <br />
Words and music by Marsha Stevens and John Stevens <br />
Copyright 1999, Marsha Stevens dba BALM Publishing <br />
<br />
• vs1: I got my WWJD pin on <br />
• vs 2: Got my brand new Christian t-shirt on <br />
• vs 3: Hey I look good in stoles maybe I should be a preacher <br />
• But I don’t want to be looked at strangely <br />
• I wanna be the same only better, I wanna be free without fetter, <br />
• So you can fill me God, but don’t change me. <br />
<br />
They say at that wedding you filled the stone jars up <br />
then turned the water to wine was what I heard, <br />
Well I like the part about being filled <br />
But I don’t want to be altered <br />
I like reading the books about how to get power <br />
and I really appreciate being alerted, <br />
I mean I wanna miss out on the pitfalls of life <br />
So I’ll be believe in You but not be converted <br />
<br />
Can’t you just pin those butterfly wings on me Lord <br />
Touch me, fill me and warm me, <br />
I’m not really much into laying down my life <br />
So you can bless me, but don’t transform me <br />
Havin’ a lot of people like me, that might be nice, <br />
And I’ve given my new theme song a lot of thought <br />
Since I’m not really cut out for self sacrifice <br />
It’ll be just as I am and changing not. <br />
<br />
You know I got so afraid of you strikin’ me straight <br />
That I missed out on you makin’ me new <br />
I guess I must have missed the memo on the part about <br />
Makin’ me like You <br />