1. Mary and Peter

From the recording The Waiting's Over

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Mary & Peter <br />
by John Stevens with Marsha Stevens, copyright 1998 BALM Publishing/ASCAP <br />
Writing with my son has been so great. I think the songs written with him have a gentle humility, not thinking less of oneself, just more of Jesus. <br />
<br />
Mary cries, as she sees her Loved One broken on a cross, <br />
Hears the people mock Him, what a loss, <br />
Peter denies, when they ask him, “Are you with Him, the Man? <br />
The one with nails in His feet and His hands.” <br />
CHORUS: <br />
And, Oh, I deny Him, though I love Him, <br />
A bit of Peter, but a bit of Mary, too. <br />
And though I deny Him, He loves me just the same. <br />
I’m the Peter, I’m the Mary for which He came. <br />
See the skies, as the angels fall in raindrops of sadness, <br />
When the curtain tears the people run in madness, <br />
Mary dries her tears away while Peter fells the guilt, <br />
He’s just denied his savior whom they’ve killed. <br />
(CHORUS) <br />
Sometimes I come to worship unafraid of who can see, <br />
Sometimes I hear the rooster crow and know it calls to me. <br />
Today I face this question as I’m struggling to be true, <br />
Does it depend on me or do I depend on You? <br />
(CHORUS - then) <br />
I’m the Peter, I’m the Mary, <br />
I’m the Peter, I’m the Mary for which He came. <br />