From the recording Is This the Real You?

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If You Take Up Your Cross <br />
Marsha Stevens and Chip Davis © Balm 2001 (ASCAP) <br />
<br />
It’s not the popular decision. Maybe it’s not even wise. <br />
It’s so much easier to fit in, to remain in my disguise. <br />
Maybe I’d have wealth and glory; maybe they would know my name <br />
Maybe I could hide your beauty under scars of lies and shame. <br />
Well when they will not play my songs and say I am despised, <br />
They did the same to Jesus, so I should not be surprised. <br />
Chorus: <br />
If you take up your cross, you can’t say that I lied, <br />
There’s always a chance you could be crucified. <br />
And so you pledge your heart to Jesus, You’ll be who He made you be, <br />
You’ll be a light to those still trapped in the domain of secrecy. <br />
Oh the way will not be easy, they may call you dyke or queer, <br />
They may say abominations are not ever welcome here. <br />
So when they will not hear your voice and say you are despised, <br />
They did the same to Jesus, so you should not be surprised. <br />
(Chorus) <br />
You said lay down our lives, take up a cross and follow You, <br />
That where You were going, we would be going, too. <br />
So when I see each wounded heart I have to count the cost <br />
The way of the closet or the way of the cross. <br />
(Chorus). <br />