1. In the Reef

From the recording Is This the Real You?

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In the Reef (first Dive) <br />
Marsha Stevens and John Stevens © 2001 Balm (ASCAP) <br />
(written after John’s first scuba dive during our Balm Ministries cruise <br />
to Cozumel, 2000) <br />
<br />
Drop me in the water, Lord, I’m whispering a prayer. <br />
Take away my gravity, I’m trusting You for air. <br />
Silence has enveloped me, I only hear my breath, <br />
Drifting as the current pulls me between life and death <br />
Chorus: <br />
Here in the reef, Lord, show me beauty. <br />
Here beneath the waves, please show me love. <br />
Just the point I doubt you I see her swim away. <br />
Floating off she hovers like a dove. <br />
In her ageless eyes I see the mysteries of time. <br />
Warily she watches me, we leave the shore behind. <br />
We release that world to you, it’s busy-ness and care, <br />
Join the creatures of the deep, the stillness is our prayer <br />
(Chorus) <br />
When I’m drowning in despair <br />
Everyday life, my fear, <br />
Remind of the trust You taught me here <br />
(Chorus) <br />