1. Sing to Me

From the recording Is This the Real You?

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Sing to Me <br />
Marsha Stevens and Chip Davis © 2001 Balm (ASCAP) <br />
<br />
I stand and look into their eyes <br />
And know I can’t make one heart hear <br />
The whisper of Your gentle voice, <br />
The constant murmur in my ear. <br />
Like the roar of a lion rumbles warning to the wild, <br />
Like the whisper of a parent tucking in a child. <br />
Chorus: <br />
Sing to me; oh sing to me until I learn Your song. <br />
A melody, a harmony, teach me to sing along, <br />
Till hearts of stone are broken wide and I can lead them to Your side, <br />
The sheep for whom the shepherd died. <br />
Won’t You sing to me? <br />
Enlarge, inflame and fill my heart. <br />
Teach me to love them like You do. <br />
And let Your voice inside my soul <br />
Ring out to lead the lost to You. <br />
Like the cry of battle trumpets bringing down the city walls, <br />
Like the whippoorwill’s sweet music as twilight falls. <br />
(Chorus x2) <br />