From the recording Is This the Real You?

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The Blood of the Martyrs <br />
Marsha Stevens and Chip Davis © 2001 Balm (ASCAP) <br />
(for Rev. Ed Sherriff, who gave his life in the service of the Gospel and <br />
in the service of the community that he so loved. I miss you. I hope I <br />
can be half as faithful – and for all of the teenagers who have said, “Yes” <br />
when it was hardest.) <br />
<br />
Pastor sheltered the homeless and he clothed the poor, <br />
He fed all the hungry who came to his door, <br />
We told him, “Be careful”, so he filled with care. <br />
For him being cautious, meant start with a prayer. <br />
Some came longing for freedom, enticed by his joy, <br />
Some came broken with bitterness, bent to destroy, <br />
They could take what he owned, but what they did not know, <br />
They could not take his life, he gave that long ago. <br />
Chorus: <br />
The blood of the martyrs, the seed of the church, <br />
What will we grow from this loss? <br />
They answered the call with a passionate, “Yes!” <br />
And the mission they found, was a cross, <br />
They followed the footsteps with nail prints clear through, <br />
Led by a Shepherd who knew suffering, too. <br />
When we look for heroes, it’s their lives we search, <br />
The blood of the martyrs, the seed of the church. <br />
She was a rebel, a girl filled with pain, <br />
Her spirit was broken on evil with failure and shame <br />
Her family was sure she could not hear their pleas, <br />
But when finally she fell down, she fell down on her knees, <br />
And there she was lifted with strong gentle Hand, <br />
When it came to choices, she found strength to stand, <br />
Now 2000 classmates will come here to pray <br />
Because of the price she was willing to pay. <br />
(Chorus x 1 ½ ) <br />