From the recording Is This the Real You?

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Where Else Would I Go <br />
Marsha Stevens © 1975 EMI Christian Music (ASCAP) <br />
<br />
Oh, sometimes I forget how much <br />
You changed me with a single touch. <br />
And when I start remembering, I see Your eyes. <br />
And then I see the differences in my two lives, <br />
And suddenly I cry. <br />
Chorus: <br />
Oh, Lord, where else would I go, <br />
If I sought to leave Your path behind? <br />
If I look around, see the hate abound, <br />
No one else would take the time to find me. <br />
No there’s no where else to go. <br />
I lived within a different world, <br />
Had different thoughts, used different words. <br />
I drank when I was thirsty then – different water. <br />
I cried when I was lonely then – different Father. <br />
And deep within I cry. <br />
(Chorus) <br />
I never knew I’d find in You <br />
The Mother’s love I needed, too. <br />
A birth into this empty world was all I’d known. <br />
I’d leave it even emptier. I had no home. <br />
Remembering makes me cry. <br />
(Chorus x2) <br />
No where else to go…no, there’s no where else to go. <br />