From the recording In Retrospect

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Can You Reach Me From Here <br />
John Stevens/Marsha Stevens <br />
<br />
When I was young I had a different, a different kind of faith <br />
It was so innocent and pure. <br />
But now I&rsquo;ve grown and found that my heart <br />
Is not quite as it seemed <br />
The world is knocking on my door <br />
My faith in pieces on the floor. <br />
<br />
When I look back at all the times that I should have been left for dead <br />
Your hand was there, please tell my why. <br />
The sin in my heart gets me to the point I wish you&rsquo;d leave me, <br />
And in those times I hear you cry, <br />
You tell me grace is not a lie. <br />
<br />
Oh would you listen if I prayed, <br />
Would you heal me if I obeyed. <br />
I sink in doubt, I live in fear, <br />
Can You reach me from here? <br />
Can You reach me from here? <br />
Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between faith and giving up, <br />
Let go of me, hold on to You, <br />
Can I release the pain of my past and still learn from my mistakes? <br />
I cry for dreams I thought were true. <br />
I want to live the vision through. <br />