From the recordings I Will Not Behave Like Prey and In Retrospect

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I Will Not Behave Like Prey by Marsha Stevens-Pino <br />
<br />
(Chorus) <br />
Though the enemy’s upon me, I will not behave like prey, <br />
I will not run into closets or seek night instead of day, <br />
I will turn and face the danger, while a Friend, unseen, stands by, <br />
Know the power of truth within me is greater than the lie, <br />
I will not let fear or prejudice or vengeance seek its way, <br />
Though the enemy’s upon me, I will NOT behave like prey. <br />
<br />
Like Daniel in the lion’s den, the lion’s not my foe, <br />
Like Jonah and the whale, the whale just did as she was told, <br />
Like Eve and Adam blamed each other for that first mistake, <br />
The enemy’s not you or me, the lie came from that snake! <br />
<br />
(repeat chorus) <br />
<br />
That toothless lion, clawless beast, a viper without sting, <br />
Would rob us of our peace and would to us such chaos bring, <br />
That hateful creature’s not our foe, the enemy is Hate, <br />
I will not be a victim or be left outside the gate, <br />
<br />
(repeat chorus) <br />
<br />
It’s said the soul of liberty may never conquest know, <br />
The force of love and justice will not to battle go, <br />
With Satan’s tools of hate and lies, the devil leads the field, <br />
But love’s our only weapon and faith our only shield, <br />
<br />
(repeat chorus) <br />
<br />
Pray for those who persecute you, <br />
Love, forgive and set them free, <br />
I will not behave like prey. <br />