From the recordings I Will Not Behave Like Prey and In Retrospect

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The Body of Christ Has AIDS <br />
copyright 1994 Far Left Field Music, by Christian Left from the album “I Will Not Behave Like Prey” <br />
<br />
I may be a young man, my story familiar, <br />
Or perhaps I'm the woman next door. <br />
I'm a teacher or a lawyer or your present employer, <br />
I'm your lover, an infant, a whore, <br />
But lately I sweat in the night and I'm losin' weight, <br />
Feel just like I'm nailed to a cross, been consigned to this fate, <br />
My name is Jesus and my Body had AIDS. <br />
<br />
I may be fat, I may be hunky, or perhaps I was a junkie, <br />
Shared the needle with all my so-called friends, <br />
Or I cruised through a bar and made love in a car <br />
One sweet summer night without end. <br />
Now with the harsh kiss of Judas you condemn me for what I have done, <br />
Our own parents like Peter deny we're their daughters and sons, <br />
My name is Jesus and my Body had AIDS. <br />
<br />
Like the 39 lashes, I'm covered with rashes <br />
As I carry my cross through the crowd, <br />
So please deal with your pain, by stitching my name <br />
On a panel that will serve as my shroud, <br />
I once gave you salvation from an old rugged cross that you built, <br />
But in this generation, I'd resurrect from the Quilt, <br />
My name is Jesus and I'm dying of AIDS. <br />