From the recordings The Gift is on the Inside and In Retrospect

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The Gift is on the Inside
Marsha Stevens Copyright 1998 BALM Publishing

Holidays and jingle bells seem trappings for a child,
When I was little all the glittered boxes made me smile,
But then I learned they held within the thoughtfulness of friends,
The sacrifice of family, a present the heart sends,

The gift, the gift, the gift is on the inside,
Don’t hang on to the ribbons, the baubles and the bow,
The gift, the gift, the gift is on the inside,
Only when You tear away the wrapping can we know, the gift.

Like the little drummer boy, I bring my gift to You,
Myself, my talents, all I am I hope that You will use,
But then I cry when You begin removing my facade,
This covering keeps me from coming face to face with God,

A box within a box, a pearl inside it’s shell,
I’ve taken who I really am and hidden it so well
This present of my life I wrapped in pretty strings and pride,
You burned away the glitter, but You said, “There’s gold inside.”

(chorus) the gift is on the inside.