From the recording I Still Have a Dream

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Building Up One Another <br />
Marsha Stevens and Ken Caton <br />
copyright 1991 Marsha Stevens dba BALM Publishing <br />
<br />
Like the twig that stands alone, and is broken easily, <br />
Like the single strand that comes apart with strain, <br />
Like the house that&rsquo;s built on shifting sand comes tumbling in the storm, <br />
So alone we live in frailty and pain. <br />
But together we are stronger than we ever are apart. <br />
A church of health and power, a vision of the heart. <br />
<br />
Chorus: <br />
Building up one another, give you the comfort given me, <br />
Building up one another, finding hope in our diversity, <br />
Strength begins together and all our dreams depend, <br />
All our dreams depend on unity. <br />
<br />
I may only have the chance to touch one of you today, <br />
You may be the one who reaches many more. <br />
Interwoven we&rsquo;re a fabric that can clothe a shivering world, <br />
Set a banquet for the hungry and the poor. <br />
In my weakness, you empower, <br />
In your illness, I will heal, <br />
In brokenness and failure, I will take your hand and kneel. <br />
<br />
(Repeat Chorus) <br />