1. Cup of Joy

From the recordings I Still Have a Dream and In Retrospect

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Cup of Joy <br />
Danny Ray and Marsha Stevens <br />
Every pill is counted, every dropper measured out, <br />
Are they gauges of my faith or meters of my doubt? <br />
Knowing I’ve done all I can, I put each bottle up <br />
And go to drink more deeply from another kind of cup, <br />
<br />
(Chorus) <br />
Your cup of joy, which makes me strong, <br />
Your will of gladness and delight fills me with song, <br />
The fountain of your healing cheer, the laughter of my friendships here, <br />
Your medicine of joy will fill me now. <br />
<br />
God you know that I would choose to trust you, life or death <br />
Yet I find that there are times I fight for every breath, <br />
Chosen from the dawn of time, you’ve held me from the start, <br />
I seek the only remedy which heals the human heart, <br />
(repeat Chorus) <br />
<br />
A cheerful heart is medicine for every human ill, <br />
And if the world gives up on me, Your joy never will.. <br />
(repeat Chorus) <br />