1. Bridgebuilder

From the recording Free to Be

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written for Rev. David Farrell


Bridgebuilder <br />
by Marsha Stevens and Ken Caton <br />
copyright 1987 Marsha Stevens dba BALM Publishing <br />
<br />
You called me, I was frightened, <br />
For years ran from the vow, <br />
Oh God, who called me then, call me now. <br />
Now, when I can say, &ldquo;Here am I, send me, <br />
All I am is what you see. <br />
But I do all through Christ who strengthens me.&rdquo; <br />
<br />
Chorus: <br />
Make me a bridgebuilder. <br />
From lost to found, I&rsquo;ll see them through, <br />
A bridgebuilder <br />
From us to them, <br />
From her to him, <br />
From friend to friend, <br />
Dear God, a bridgebuilder <br />
From me to You. <br />
<br />
I owe my life to people who dared to dream for you, <br />
And now I add to theirs, my dream, too. <br />
To bring my people&rsquo;s gifts and their own birthright <br />
From the closet to the light <br />
And know when life is through we won the fight. <br />
<br />
(Repeat Chorus) <br />