1. Free to Be

From the recordings Free to Be and In Retrospect

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Free to Be <br />
By Marsha Stevens and Ken Caton <br />
<br />
I had wandered homeless, a minstrel unto God <br />
Longing just to sing my precious tunes, <br />
A person with no people, cast down, but not destroyed, <br />
Now with your help I’m singing through my deepest wounds. <br />
<br />
(Chorus) <br />
Now I’m free to be in the great I AM, <br />
I’m free to fall and I’m free to stand, <br />
No secrets to hide from the Holy Lamb, <br />
I’m free to be, free to be who I am. <br />
<br />
Lilies just are lilies, fledglings grow to birds, <br />
Both without a struggle or a thought, <br />
And all my strongest efforts and best self-righteousness <br />
Can’t add an inch of height or make me what I’m not, <br />
<br />
Someone new, not someone else, Jesus made of me, <br />
Slavery behind, birthright is mine, <br />
And no one can sell me if I’m free, <br />
<br />
(repeat chorus x 2) <br />