1. I Am Whole

From the recordings Free to Be and In Retrospect

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I Am Whole <br />
Marsha Stevens and LeRoy Dysart <br />
All my life’s been lived in fragments, <br />
Just a part of me was shown. <br />
A part I shared with friends <br />
And a part I lived at home, <br />
A part I showed my workplace, <br />
And a part the church could share, <br />
And part of me was hidden <br />
In closets of despair. <br />
<br />
chorus: <br />
But when I come before Your throne <br />
I am all You made me be. <br />
When You make my heart Your home <br />
All the parts fit perfectly. <br />
I’ve been broken into pieces <br />
And the pain has had its toll <br />
But in Your healing hands I am whole, <br />
In Your healing hands I am whole. <br />
<br />
Now I learn to live each spectrum <br />
Of the light You’ve given here, <br />
I learn to laugh, whole-hearted, <br />
Yet shed the cleansing tear. <br />
The very parts I’d hidden <br />
Were the treasures sent from You. <br />
Each shattered piece I brought <br />
You gave back complete and new. <br />
<br />
(Repeat chorus X 2) <br />