1. Mommy Song

From the recordings Free to Be and In Retrospect

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Mommy Song <br />
By Marsha Stevens <br />
<br />
God I’ve known you as a father for all these many years, <br />
You’ve been my rock of strength, given protection through my fears, <br />
You’ve been the pillar of my hope, my strong and mighty friend, <br />
Provided for my every need, corrected when I’ve sinned. <br />
But now I’m asking something new; <br />
Will you be my Mommy, too. <br />
<br />
Please hold me to your bosom, until I find the tears, <br />
Held fast in your embrace, release the rage of hidden years. <br />
Will you rock me calmly in the night and guide me in the day, <br />
Sing to me lullabies of love and with me gently play? <br />
I come to you a little child <br />
Longing for her Mommy’s smile. <br />
<br />
Mother of my universe, God of all I see, <br />
Keeper of the unseen, too and all that’s yet to be, <br />
Grant new birth and nurturing, a lap of comfort be, <br />
Give certainty that in your arms, no evil reaches me, <br />
And held securely to your breast, <br />
Give me love and peace and rest. <br />