1. That Power

From the recording Free to Be

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That Power <br />
by Marsha Stevens and LeRoy Dysart <br />
copyright 1987 Marsha Stevens dba BALM Publishing <br />
<br />
Jesus came upon a beggar, blind from birth, <br />
Turned and called him gently, &ldquo;Son of earth&rdquo; <br />
The clamor rose among the crowd, <br />
&ldquo;Who sinned?&rdquo; they cried to know, <br />
&ldquo;Was it his parents or himself, that this man was born so?&rdquo; <br />
And love cried out, &ldquo;No sin has been concealed. <br />
This man is blind that you might see <br />
The power of God revealed.&rdquo; <br />
<br />
CHORUS: <br />
That power, Love&rsquo;s power beyond all we conceive, <br />
That power, Love&rsquo;s power that calls us to believe, <br />
That power, greater than our doubt <br />
Driving all that is not love out <br />
Reveal in us that power of your love. <br />
<br />
Oh God, greater than our pains, greater than our fears, <br />
Turn and call us gently, dry our tears. <br />
The clamor rises in the crowd, &ldquo;Who sinned? Who sinned?&rdquo; they cry, <br />
&ldquo;What have they done that they deserve to suffer and to die?&rsquo; <br />
And love cries out, &ldquo;No sin has been concealed. <br />
I died that you might live <br />
To see the power of God revealed.&rdquo; <br />
<br />
(CHORUS) <br />
<br />
Oh greater Love, with greater power, <br />
Hold us in this hopeless hour. <br />
Love, cover multitudes of pain <br />
and give us power to live again... <br />
<br />
(CHORUS) <br />