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  1. The Calling


I can’t deny I’ve felt the pain,
My faithfulness called into doubt,
The very purpose of my life
Twisted, gossiped, lied about,
I said I can’t go on,
I must have lost my song,

(But) It’s a fire burning in my bones,
It’s the longing just to touch one heart
Each time they said that You weren’t here,
Your quiet whisper in my ear.
Brings a passion I cannot explain,
Till it tore my soul apart
My greatest pain, my deepest joy,
It’s a call the world cannot destroy.

A friend or two would send their love,
Encourage me to just hold on,
But louder voices called to say
That I had disappointed God.
The gifts just seemed to fade,
And yet Your call has stayed.

I could pretend I had not heard,
Just say I would not speak Your word, (But there’s this…)

It’s Your call the world cannot destroy.